NoSpray® Shields

NoSpray® Shields


NoSpray® Shields are designed to contain the spray of hazardous liquids in vessel engine rooms, a cause of dangerous fires and loss of life and property. NoSpray® Shields are manufactured in multiple layers from a silicone rubber applied on a silica fibre fabric, specially formulated to withstand high temperatures and pressures, and an aluminum foil lining, which creates a corrosion resistant barrier for long lasting protection.


NoSpray® Shields are available in various widths which can be cut to size for use on flanges, valves, fittings, or any irregular shaped surface which can leak hazardous liquids.


NoSpray® Shields encapsulate the protected surface and are easily installed using our drawstring system. Removable, reusable and extremely durable. NoSpray® Shields provide a consistent, clean look in vessel engine rooms.


Width Length Rolls/Box Typical Use
100 mm (4″) 5 m (16.5′)       3 For typical flanges on a 25 mm (0.5″) to 50 mm (1″) pipe diameter
150 mm (6″) 5 m (16.5′)           2                For typical flanges on a 50 mm (1″) to 100 mm (2″) pipe diameter
300 mm (12″)       5 m (16.5′)             1 For typical flanges on a 100 mm (2″) pipe diameter and up          


Meets SOLAS Regulation II – 2/15.2.11


Installation Instructions
1 Measure the outside diameter of the flange and cut the NoSpray Shield to a length of 130%.
2 Cut a small hole about 1″ (25 mm) from each end of the shield on the pocket.
3 Centre the shield on the flange and wrap snugly, overlapping the ends.
4 Thread a lacing wire through each of the two cut holes and pull the lacing wire through the pockets.
5 Draw together and fold under the cut edge of Shield for a neat finish.
6 When pulled together snugly, secure with pliers and cut off excess wire.