CanFix® Emergency Repair Kit


CanFix® Emergency Repair Kit











Approved and used by the US Navy and Coast Guard

CanFix® Emergency Repair Kit is a complete system for making emergency repairs to a wide variety of pipe materials.

CanFix® consists of a patented, fiberglass cloth impregnated with water activated resin that sets in minutes with no measuring, mixing, or messy cleanup.
Each kit contains a roll of CanFix® cloth, a two part epoxy for filling and sealing, a pair of latex gloves, and complete instructions for use.


IMPA Code        Packaging Weight (lb)        Weight (kg)
81 23 61 6 packs per box: 2″ X 4′ for pipe diameter 0.5" – 1" 1.2 lbs 0.5 kg
81 23 65 6 packs per box: 3″ X 9′ for pipe diameter 1″ – 2″ 2.3 lbs   1 kg
81 23 63 6 packs per box: 4″ X 12′ for pipe diameter 4″ and up        3.4 lbs 1.5 kg



• Riser Exhaust
• Leaking Hydraulic Lines
• Water Cooling Hoses & Fluid Lines
• Leaking Steam Lines & Fittings
• Corrosion Protection Coating
• Repair Broken Tool Handles, etc.
• Emergency Repairs to Fuel Lines


Max. Pres. Retained (8 layers applied)         1,000 psi
Tensile Strength 24,900 psi
Flexural Strength 16,100 psi
Compression Strength 26,600 psi
Dielectric Strength 16,060 volts
Heat Resistance 500°F (intermittent)   
Colour White or grey
Setting Time @ 70°F 30 mins
Setting Time @ 42°F 3 hours
Setting Time @ 35°F 6.5 hours


Application Instructions

1. Release water pressure if applicable
2. Clean and roughen area to be repaired
3. Press epoxy into crack or crevice to be repaired
4. Wearing enclosed gloves, soak CanFix® Tape in temperate water for 20 seconds
5. Using entire roll, wrap CanFix® approx. 2.0 in. above repair area and continue wrapping approx. 2.0 in. below repair
6. Squeeze and mold CanFix® in the direction of the wrap, removing excess water and spreading resin until tacky to the touch
7. Allow 30 minutes to completely cure (@ 70°F)